Diet of yin y yang

Duration: unlimited.

This curious and philosophical diet is based on the Chinese tradition that sees life as the need for a perpetual equilibrium marked by two opposite but complementary poles: the yin, which belongs to the feminine nature and corresponds to cold, darkness and night; and the yang, which is associated with day, light and masculine nature.

yin yang diet

Both elements, the yin and the yang, are present in our character and in each and every one of our organs.

In itself, it is not a slimming diet but an internal balance. Nevertheless, in a first stage of adaptation, we can lose more than one kilogram per week.

It is the diet indicated for all those people who feel Orientalist philosophies as close and seek inner balance, health and harmony also through food.

Food yin

They are all those that have grown underground or in humid areas. Yin is also linked to terrestrial animals that like to wallow in the mud or live inside caves or burrows. The food group yin includes fish and seaweed.

Vegetable kingdom: Algae, rice, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, turnips, mushrooms, melon, orange, mandarin, lychee, rambutan, pears, yellow plums and watermelons, among others.
Animal kingdom: Pig, duck, goose, rabbit and all fish.

Yang Foods

They are those that are associated with dryness and have grown thanks to sunlight and inert matter. In the case of aquatic animals, all those with shells belong to the yang group.

Vegetable kingdom: Asparagus, celery, chestnut, pepper, soybeans, cherry, apple, apricot, red plum, banana, among others. Animal kingdom: Crabs, mussels, oysters, clams, lobsters, shrimps, prawns, Norway lobsters, crayfish, sea oxen, necoras, hedgehogs and razors. As for the earthen ones, ostrich, turkey, chicken and chicken, veal and lamb are considered yang.

The inner balance The Chinese diet proposes that the two main meals are one of each nature. We should opt for heat and strength, both in the morning and at noon, that is to say, for yang-type foods, and for a softer type of food in the afternoon and at night, such as those with yin characteristics.

As in all the rules there are some exceptions, in this type of diet it is important to point out that people with blood temperament, corpulent, nervous or choleric, should devote three days a week to eat foods that are exclusively yin. On the contrary, all those with a cold, aloof, apathetic, distant or inactive nature should spend two or three days feeding on components of the yang diet.


Breakfast: Carrot juice.

Food: Boiled brown rice, served with steamed or grilled mushrooms. One quarter rabbit grilled. 3 lychees.

Snack: Orange juice.

Dinner: Baked potatoes with a good tomato salad. Salted fish. 2 slices of watermelon.

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